The Designer

Mor was born in Israel and studied Art & Design at the Academic Technological University in Tel-Aviv/Holon. Even as a child, Mor always had a drawing pencil in her hand, and she realized her passion for design at a very young age. A multifaceted artist, Mor’s interests include painting, graphic & web design, sculpture, as well as music, all of which are reflected in the fluidity of her unique designs.

It was four years ago that someone showed me a movie about the cruelty of the meat industry, and I immediately became a vegetarian. During the same time period, I gave birth to my first boy and 2.5 years late to my second boy (now ages 4.5 and 2). And during those years, as I experienced the connection of a mother and her child, as well as learning more about the cruelty of the dairy industry, I decided to become a vegan and to change my shoes to be 100% vegan as well!

The process of creating and producing an “M Shoe” begins with Mor sketching it in her Manhattan studio. Working alone, without apprentices or assistants, she sketches the shoes, carefully selects the lasts on which they are molded, and adjusts the fit as the final touch. She then supervises the production process.

With a smile she says: “It took a lot of ‘footwork’ to learn how to make shoes beautiful yet comfortable. It all started one day when I was walking down the street and had a mental flash of a unique design idea for shoes, that just wouldn’t let me be.”

In addition to designing the shoe collections, Mor designs all promotional materials such as: Logo Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, POP design, etc. This ensures the consistency of the M Shoe Design brand.

The Brand

Recently Mor expanded the brand to include T-Shirts and shirts with vegan and inspirational messages. Mor intends to continue to expand the brand into additional accessories such as hats and handbags.

Mor’s ambition is to use M Fashion Design’s success to help the world and its living creatures, and to inspire others to do the same.  Marketing as "Care About Our Wear – Care About Our World,"M Shoe Design is committed to donating a portion of the company's sales revenues to programs such as "PETA", the Humane Society and various animal sanctuaries.

M Mission Statement
To empower and inspire compassion, confidence and expression by introducing a new and revolutionary vegan footwear line to the world  -  I M!

The Collection

The M Shoe Design collection, designed in New York City and made in Italy, captures a unique sense of what’s sensual and daring, original and classy. A combination of just-the-right toe-cleavage complimented by premium materials and great attention to details is what makes M Shoes so attractive.

Flashing hints of gold and shimmer create a multipurpose look suitable for both casual as well as eveningwear. Unique upper shapes and angles made from precious materials and premium vegan leather, all make for a firm designer collection.

Before approving the production of a new shoe, it has to look amazing as well as feel dreamy on Mor’s own feet. With M Shoes, function and comfort is just as important as styling. “Even if the heel is six inches high, it still has to feel stable. That’s why I hand-select each heel and personally test the fitting myself—until it’s a perfect fit” says Mor.

Where to buy

You can make purchases at the M Shop or at the M Fashion Design shop on Etsy